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Fav Pie or Cake
Bayou Goo
Carrot Cake
Banana Cream
French Silk
Fresh Strawberry
Lemon Meringue
Key Lime

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Fresh sliced pippin' apples with just the right blend of spices.
More of the same filling topped with streusel crunch topping

Elberta Peach-
Sliced peaches with just the right touches.
Strawberry Rhubarb-
Tart field rhubarb blended with sliced strawberries.Mr.Tom Miller's for over 20 years.

Wild Blueberry-
Sugared plump blueberries make this pie special.
Washington Cherry-
Ripe, tart berries in their natural juices.
Sugar-Free Apple-
Made with nutra-sweet instead of sugar.
Sugar-Free Cherry-
Made with nutra-sweet instead of sugar.

Pumpkin Pie-
A year 'round favorite made with real cream.
Sweet Potato Pie-
Made with Louisiana yams and real cream.
Egg Custard-
Baked custard topped with nutmeg.
Coconut Custard-
With flaked coconut baked in.
A southern favorite.

Texas Pecan-
Only the largest pecan halves are used in this one.
Texas Pecan Fudge-
Large pecan halves in a rich fudge base.Much better with our premium ice cream.

Fresh Strawberry-
Large Driscoll strawberries(when available)in a glaze surrounded with fresh whipped cream.
Strawberry Cream Cheese-
Same as above, except with a layer of cream cheese pie filling.

Lemon Meringue-
A traditional tart lemon
Chocolate Meringue-
Rich dark chocolate custard
Coconut Meringue-
Cooked egg custard with flaked coconut

Banana Cream-
Rich vanilla custard with whole bananas and topped with whipped cream & chopped nuts.
Bavarian Chocolate-
A light chocolate mousse filling topped with whipped cream.
Bavarian Chocolate Banana-
The same filling plus whole banana
Bayou Goo-
A pecan crust with a layer of sweet cream cheese,then a layer of vanilla custard swirled with chocolate chunks and topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings
Coconut Cream-
Coconut filling topped with whipped cream.
Chocolate Cream-
Deep dark chocolate filling topped with whipped cream.
French Blackbottom-
A layer of chocolate , then a layer of French vanilla rum custard with lots of whipped cream and chocolate shavings.
French Silk-
A silky smooth combination of dark chocolate layered with the light praline chocolate and gobs of whipped cream.
German Chocolate Cream-
Dark chocolate filling with flaked coconut and chopped walnuts topped with whipped cream.

Lemon Ice Box-
True old-fashioned creamy lemon filling with a graham cracker crust.
Key Lime-
Made with real condensed milk,key lime juice in a graham cracker crust.

Tres Leches-
Three layered yellow cake soaked in milk,cream,and condensed milk.
German Chocolate Cake-
Dark chocolate layers with pecan-coconut chocolate filling.
Boston Cream-
Vanilla layers with vanilla custard between and topped with chocolate fudge and whipped cream.
Carrot Cake-
Our favorite recipe.Rich and moist with cream cheese and pecan frosting.
Banana Pudding Cake-
Three layers of banana nut cake with sliced bananas and custard between the layers.Uuuuum good!
Chocolate Fudge Cake-
Three layers of devil's food cake with chocolate fudge icing all around.
Italian Dream-
Yellow coconutty cake layers.Cream cheese filling is the icing on the cake that makes this one perfect.
Plain Cheese Cake-
Just some good cheesecake with nothing to alter the flavor.
Almond Cheese Cake-
Plain cheesecake surrounded with almonds and topped with whipped cream.
Chocolate Cheese Cake-
A solid chocolate chesse cake topped with thick dark chocolate.
Turtle Cheese Cake-
A rich vanilla cheesecake with milk chocolate flakes baked right in then topped with homemade carmel,pecan pieces and melted chocolate.                      
NY Strawberry Cheese Cake-
A creamy cheesecake made with  a hint of amaretto and topped with fresh strawberries in a glaze.

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